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How to prevent computer slowdowns

There are few important steps you can follow to keep your PC fast and prevent slowdowns:

  • Use tools to prevent installation of junk programs.
  • Use tools to periodically check for junk programs and remove them.
  • Exercise common sense while installing programs.

  • 1. UnChecky - Prevent installation of junk programs - [Download]

    Once installed, this handy program will run on the background and silently do its job. Its purpose is to automatically opt-out of 3rd party program installations and unrelated offers that come bundled with a software that you're trying to install. You won't end up having dozens of toolbars and other potentially unwanted software after installing few programs that you wanted to use.

    2. CCleaner - [Download]

    Check out the CCleaner detailed tutorial here.
    You can use this tool to not only clean a slow computer but also prevent it from becoming slow, by using the tool periodically.

    3. Common Sense & Caution

    A) Do pay attention to what button you click on while downloading something.
    B) Do pay attention to screen while installing programs and refuse bundled offers if you do not need them.
    B) Do use the two programs mentioned earlier.UnChecky will run all the time but you have to use CCleaner manually(once a week).

    A) Don't click on links in emails or download suspicious attachments.If you infect the PC it may become slow.
    B) Don't use registry mechanics and programs that claim to fix errors on your PC.
    C) Don't respond to rogue "Warning" signs displayed on websites that tell you your PC is infected.